The New RevGen GOTW3

UNLIMITED INTERNET DATA PLAN. They use the fastest 4G and LTE towers available. This isn’t a hotspot. It’s a router with direct Ethernet connection or can be used wireless. That being said these can be used as wireless mobile routers, and they can be used “on the move”. RevGen tested them on interstates in vehicles, camping in national parks, friends’ houses, Grandma’s house and everywhere else.

NO Data Limits, NO Throttling, NO Lag!

Most service providers will cap your data usage at 20GB, 30GB or more. Your speeds begin to decrease and over charges begin to occur, but with RevGen you no longer have to worry.

Plans starting at $79.99/month!

*or $99.99/month.  Purchase for $199.99.  Call the store for details.

Not only is this a fast 4G speeds, you can game, stream and even use your security cameras with this router. Below is a picture of the router.
If you have any questions please feel free to call or Stop at ether location.

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