High Speed Internet

Anywhere you can get cell signal, you can get internet! (USA)

Data Plans

Choose from our wide range of data plans. If you’ve got cell service, we can get you internet!


$115Starting at

Device is $220 Customer may use existing device. No connection limitations. All plans have a $25 activation fee.

  • ATT: 100 GB for $115/mo
  • ATT: 300 GB for $130/mo
  • ATT: 400+50 GB for $170/mo
  • Verizon: 200 GB for $150/mo
  • T-Mobile: 300+50 GB for $125/mo


$65Starting at

Patented VSIM (Virtual Sim) technology automatically connects to major network towers based on strongest signal without ever having to insert a physical SIM! Device is $100, connects up to five devices. All plans have a $25 activation fee.

  • 25 GB for $65/mo
  • 50 GB for $80/mo
  • 100 GB for $100/mo
  • 200 GB for $115/mo
  • 300 GB for $130/mo
  • 400 GB for $150/mo
  • 800 GB for $170/mo